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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Call number 3 and Op

Well I haven't blogged for a while, there is a major reason for this I got my call :D

Sat watching TV on the 3rd June, just about to go get in the bath n ready for bed chilled on the settee watching the jubilee performances, the house phone rang I went to answer it thinking it was a bit late for anyone to be ringing but it went off before I could even get to it, what with tripping over oxygen tubes which I should really know they're there by now I forget I have them on lol. My mobile started to ring... withheld number, OMG I thought I answered it mum on the edge of her seat ready to jump up n grab bags that are prepacked. There was the coordinator on the phone the usual ' hey how are you at the moment? ' the rest was a bit of a blur, but I nodded at mum I knew this wasn't a social call The coordinator carried on talking, we have got you some lungs can you make your way up here, so I tried getting hold of next door (who was looking after the dogs) and thankfully she ran round to help us pack the car...

I was pretty useless I ended up in a coughing attack and not allowed to eat or drink I was stuck with this tickle. Car all packed I went to give the dogs one last cuddle n kiss, i might never have seen them again i needed them to know I loved them, but I promised Annie as soon as I came home I'd take her for a walk. said goodbye to Lyn struggling to breath from the rushing around n packing the car up we were in n ready to set of 2 hours drive in front of me knowing I may have to turn around half way or still might not get the lungs, music on chatting away i don't know whether I was excited or nervous, think driving took my mind of things.

1hour 45mins later arriving at the hospital gates I just said this is it fingers crossed, I got to the ward got settled in a room, waiting for xrays blood tests echo the coordinator seemed very positive, and it was a non smoker unlike my other 2 calls so I was chuffed to bits. hours passed tests got done then I had to get a shower, I couldn't breathe I hadn't had my nippy on all night it was in the car and mum daren't go fetch it just in case they came for me so I was there struggling mum had to wash my hair I some how managed to do the rest of myself gasping for air as I came out, mum dried it and straightened it for me I had to look half decent when would be the next time I could do my hair I'd go insane without washing it everyday. Hours went by, family with a sleepless night wondering when if... nurses telling us to go to sleep but how could we,  I updated facebook, all friends saying good luck, and asking what was happening we still didn't know almost 10hours later, still sat there thinking by this time something must have gone wrong the lungs must not be good enough we'll have to go home, but we sat tight waiting....

4th June at about 12:30 when the coordinator came in with the theatre trolley, we're ready for you, are you ready.... well what a stupid question that was, I will be as ready as I'll ever be I had my mascot that my friend Sharee had bought for me last time I was in hospital he brought me good luck and I also had my Tomo band on (one of my close friends that passed away so I knew he was with me) I said see you soon to mum told her I loved her she had to know just in case anything happened but I knew I was going to be fine I wasn't coming this far and not going the whole way besides I had my dog at home who I'd promised to walk I wasn't letting her down.

I gave my mascot to mum I think she needed him most, so he lived in her handbag until she came to see me after I had come round, he even went out for dinner with mum n sis (he told me he had a great time) mum got the call about 8pm it was too early she was convinced something was wrong my sis looked over as she answered the phone knowing she'd either drop to her knees or cry with happiness, the news was the op had gone smoothly and I was in intensive care doing well they were allowed to come and see me but I was still sedated.

5th June about 12hours after my op, i was brought round still on the ventilator for an hour or so but I was awake, I was alive and breathing I'd survived the op... step one out the way I was laid there waiting for mum n sis to arrive I couldn't wait to see them, I saw them gowning up outside the door felt like they took ages but it must of been a matter of minutes n they came in I was trying to speak but was pretty hard with the ventilator got a few pics with them both, and then my lovely nurse said I could have the ventilator out wahoo I'd be able to speak and see how amazing these lungs actually were.....

3hours later I was allowed a drink and then ice cream, wow less than 24hours n I was eating and drinking, yeah I can fly through this, then the following morning I  got informed I was moving to the HDU ward 38 wow out of intensive care I was so apprehensive but excited this must mean I am on the right track n on the road to recovery :D

Heres a few pics From ICU

continued in next post